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Blogs and their content – Readers’ Advisory Services

Generally Library blogs are usually an online journal tool and can be used to record individual or group experiences, observations, reflections, impressions, opinions, questions and research notes across a range of subjects. Blogs allow the author to display postings in chronological order. A blog allows other participants to comment on postings, creating a networked community of contributors with similar interests.

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10 Celebrities’ Favorite Children’s Books – Flavorwire

10 Celebrities’ Favorite Children’s Books – Flavorwire.

David Duchovny — Stone Soup, Marcia Brown

Stone Soup is the best children’s book. It tells you that art and life are made of nothing but imagination.” [via Men’s Health]

Anne Hathaway — The Secret Garden, Frances Hodgson Burnett

“I wanted to be Mary Lennox so badly. I still have a soft spot for gardens and I’m always going off to see if I can find locked doors inside them.” [via The National]

Barack Obama — Where the Wild Things Are, Maurice Sendak

“This is one of the all-time classics. I love this book.” Watch him talk about it in this amazing video.

Scarlett Johansson — The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Roald Dahl

“I was in second or third grade when my sister read this to me. I remember that when she was finished, I insisted she start right over again. I attribute my love of drama to having heard her do all the characters’ voices.” [via Oprah]


Library wedding proposal: one for the books | Toronto Star

Modern library services go well beyond just lending books.

Library wedding proposal: one for the books | Toronto Star.

A 31-year-old Chicago advertising executive has written a marriage proposal that is one for the books, portraying himself as a tortoise and his girlfriend as the hare (or, in this case, bunny)…

Like the classic tortoise and hare story, Methner and Lipsitz each take life at a different pace. Methner is laid back, while Lipsitz is an A-type personality, very organized and constantly producing lists. She enjoys healthy food. He loves cheeseburgers.

However, they have plenty in common, including a love of adventure, food and jogging.

They also enjoy good books and libraries. So it was only natural that the marriage proposal should take place in a library…

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Mark Coker: Libraries to Become Community Publishing Portals

Mark Coker: Libraries to Become Community Publishing Portals.

With the rise of ebooks, public libraries are at a crossroads. Some book publishers, fearful that library ebook lending will cannibalize retail sales of books, are reluctant to supply ebooks to libraries at the very time that library patrons are clamoring for greater access to such materials.