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RDA/AACR2 Changes | Special Libraries Cataloguing, Inc.

In March 2012, the Library of Congress announced it will have fully implemented RDA cataloging by March 31, 2013. Several other national libraries including the British Library, Library and Archives Canada, National Library of Australia, and Deutsche Nationalbibliothek also planned to implement RDA in 2013.

This term, we are doing a basic course in RDA at Seneca College so that we will be prepared when we graduate in May.  Here are a couple of cheat sheets about RDA provided by Special Libraries Cataloguing, Inc..

Editing MARC Records (RDA)

Monograph Cataloguing (RDA)

RDA/AACR2 Changes | Special Libraries Cataloguing, Inc..

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Getting Ready for RDA without Panicking | www.rdatoolkit.org.